Teaching Philosophy

Education has encapsulated a large portion of my life and I am now able to come full circle in my educational journey and transition from the learner to the educator. As a teacher I believe that teaching should be student centred and focus on the principle that all students can learn. Students should have the opportunity to learn in a safe and inviting environment that is built on the foundation of mutual respect for themselves and others. The role of the teacher is to establish a safe environment based on their appearance, values, and etiquette. A teacher should be seen as a role model that guides students on their journey of life, demonstrating skills and values that are necessary to be successful in life. More importantly, students should be encouraged to develop their own set of personal values that they believe will help them succeed in life.

Based on my belief that all students can learn, I understand the importance of being adaptable in my instructional and teaching approaches to ensure all students have equal opportunity to succeed. To ensure student success, it is my obligation as a teacher to invest in professional development and seek new teaching strategies to interest and engage students. An essential component to student success that is important to my teaching philosophy is getting to know my students. By taking the time to understand and know my students will allow me to develop mutual respect between the students and I. Developing respect builds trust between students and teachers, which then allows for a more productive learning environment. Furthermore, the more knowledge a teacher has with respect to their students the more options they have to customise and be creative in their lesson plans.

As a teacher I recognise that educating students is not accomplished through individual effort. To successfully educate students requires a team approach, and I believe it is important for all educators to work together towards a common goal. Therefore, as a teacher I am enthusiastic to contribute in educating the next generation of creative minds.